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Special 99 Cents Sale — The Burnside Mystery Series, Box Set #2 (Books 4-6)

Good news! For just 99 cents you can now get SAFETY VALVE, CORNER BLITZ, and NICKEL PACKAGE.  This is for eBooks only, but this is available on all major online book retailers.

Here are the links. Happy 4th of July!  — David


Amazon Kindle:  (just click on the image!)


Barnes and Noble Nook:;jsessionid=5371070C0149AB98BAA5C96E874C4317.prodny_store01-atgap03?ean=2940155420316

Apple iTunes:


Google Play:


Curse Of The Afflicted News

This week, CURSE OF THE AFFLICTED was selected by the Thriller & Mystery Podcast, which provides an audio of the first chapter of books they find appealing. The narrator actually sounds a bit like Martin Sheen! Here is the link if you’d like to listen in for a few minutes:



Author Interview

Just had a great interview on My Book Place!




I am happy to let you know that CURSE OF THE AFFLICTED now has some brilliant new cover art! And I also want to give you a heads up that CURSE OF THE AFFLICTED will soon be available in audio book form — details to follow!



USA Today Best Seller List: Top 100

I just wanted to take a moment to share some really great news!

This morning I learned that my Box Set of the first 3 Burnside Mysteries made the USA Today Best Seller List and is ranked # 92. So for at least one week I am just ahead of To Kill A Mockingbird (#96) and The Great Gatsby (#103).

I would like to thank all of you for your great support these past few years, in terms of purchasing my books and writing reviews, and most importantly, for your encouraging words. Five years ago, I never dared to dream that I might make it on to a Best Seller List, but here we are. Miracles happen!

Note that the physical newspaper version only lists the Top 50, but the online site has the Top 100. Link below:

Kindest regards,





The Burnside Mysteries Boxed Set #2 Is Now Up On Amazon — As Well As Apple, Google, Kobo and Barnes & Noble!

I am pleased to announce that Books 4-6 of the Burnside Mysteries are now available in Boxed Set form. For just $8.99 you get three great mysteries:




These books retail for $4.99 individually, so getting three for $8.99 is a terrific bargain! The first Boxed Set has been available since 2016, so I apologize for being tardy in getting this one up and running – but I’ve been busy writing.

Last year I published TAMPA TWO, the 8th book in the Burnside series, as well as CURSE OF THE AFFLICTED, a stand-alone thriller detailing a cancer patient’s journey through the depths of the political world.

If you’d like to purchase either Boxed Set on Amazon, please click on the links below. If you’d prefer Apple, Google Play, Kobo or Barnes & Noble, I’m sure you can navigate to those sites!



In closing, I am starting to get some ideas percolating for the 9th Burnside book. Stay tuned!



The New Burnside Book Is Now Available!

Tampa Two, the 8th book in the Burnside Mystery series has been published!


Burnside is back!

It has been over a year since the last Burnside book, Double Pass, was published — but it has been worth the wait!

Tampa Two marks the return of Judy Atkin, the teenage runaway who P.I. Burnside arrested a decade earlier for prostitution. He made an enormous mistake by trying to help her back then, and wound up losing his job as an LAPD officer, along with his honor and reputation. Judy was the catalyst that led him down the path of becoming a Private Investigator, and all the good and bad that came with it.

But Judy is back in L.A. again, and is desperate for Burnside’s help. Her life is in danger, and she tries to persuade Burnside to accompany her into a dangerous situation. While Burnside isn’t fooled this time, she still manages to rope him in to her crazy life, and he quickly finds himself to be a person of interest in a grizzly Santa Monica homicide.

Tampa Two continues to showcase Burnside at his wise-cracking best, exchanging quips with an assortment of fascinating  characters, no matter what side of the law they are on. This well-crafted novel is the embodiment of the classic Southern California noir mystery, set against a Los Angeles backdrop, a city that many think they know, but few really do. This tightly written story leads readers down a trail of  theft, murder and deceit, with sharply honed banter and strikingly original characters.

To purchase Tampa Two on Amazon, please click on this link: