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Below is the link to all customer reviews of Post Pattern on

And here is a sample of what’s being written about Post Pattern:

By Larry Finley (KELLER, TEXAS, US)
A great read! Chill’s novel combines the gritty style of James M. Cain with the sophisticated detailing of Colin Dexter. Burnside, the detective at the heart of the novel, weaves his way through the seamy underbelly of Los Angeles while trying to untangle the lives of two football stars, brothers who exhibit more differences than familial similarities. The murder of the younger brother sets in motion an intense tour of college football at its best and worst. David Chill’s emergence onto the literary scene is a boon to fiction readers around the world.
One Comment
  1. Christine permalink

    His first book was good, the second one was better, I am really looking forward to the next instalment!

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